Killer Sudoku Solver...
This is a killer sudoku solver program. It can be used to solve the killer sudoku puzzles on this site. There is another program for the sudoku puzzles.
  • Use the mouse to select/ de-select any number of cells and/or cages. A cage is considered to be selected if any one cell in the cage is selected.
  • Cages are formed by selecting the required cells and using the ‘join’ button. Cages can be deleted if necessary. If the selected cells are not connected then they will be formed into two or more separate cages. Use the textbox to set the sum of a selected cage. Once set, a cage sum can be changed or cleared. Cages can be of any size. The sum of a cage may be set to any value.
  • To set an equality/inequality relation between two cages, select the two cells where the relation is to be placed and choose the required relation. Relations can be removed if required. Note that removing a cage also removes all relations for that cage.
  • Puzzles are saved as Pdf documents. Previously saved puzzles can be loaded directly into the solver program.
  • This program will run on Windows Vista/7/8. If you have Windows XP then you will need to install Microsoft .Net Framework version 3.5 or better.
Puzzles downloaded from this site can be loaded directly into the solver program. For this to work properly, it may be necessary to download the puzzle by right-clicking on the puzzle link and using the 'save target as...' option. This preserves the script format of the document. Later versions of the Adobe Pdf reader program (version 10.0 onwards) convert the document from a script into bytecode which the solver program is not able to read.

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